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Air Condition UPS
klimatisierte USV-Anlage

The modern Data Center needs considerable electrical power, even used to cool the system. The infrastructures have become more and more important and expensive: consider for example the concentration of heat produced by modern “blade servers” and the dissipation within a limited temperature window, or shortage of open spaces. It’s an obligation to optimize space and power consumption.

Air Condition UPS is our solution for a small and medium-size Data Center.

Air Condition UPS range includes several solutions for the different Data Centers power requirements. From the small Air Condition UPS in a sole cabinet, that is like a small data center room, to the modular Air Condition UPS that is designed to satisfy the most powerfull computers.

Air Condition UPS is an air-conditioned cabinet: inside is located the server (and its accessories as hubs, switch boards, etc ...), and the redundant modular uninterruptible power systems (UPS) with their sealed batteries. The air conditioner automatically optimizes both the temperature inside the cabinet and the energy consumption.

Technische Daten/Varianten
Nennspannung Nennstrom Länge Breite Höhe Gewicht
V A mm mm mm kg
SHW161 400 16 1200 950 2100 720
SHW162E1 400 16 1200 1550 2100 1180
SHW222E1 400 22 1200 1550 2100 1125
SHW323E1 400 32 1200 1550 2100 1310
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