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PowerSafe TS TZS 14

The PowerSafe® TS range offers a high-performance, long-life solution for renewable energy applications.

PowerSafe® TS cells are based on conventional, vented technology and designed for renewable energy applications that require maximum cycle life with the highest level of reliability. They are particularly suitable for use in solar energy installations, ensuring a continuity of electrical supply during the hours of darkness or during periods of reduced sunshine.

Reduced maintenance is achieved through the use of additional electrolyte which means cells only have to be topped-up once a year. This helps to keep down maintenance costs and makes them an ideal solution for many remote or unmanned locations.

Tubular positive plates are widely used in batteries for particularly demanding applications. In the TS range they have been optimised to give an extended cycle life and increased capacity.

Technische Daten TZS 14
Nennspannung 2 V
Nennkapazität 2040 Ah
Länge 399 mm
Breite 214 mm
Höhe 813 mm
Gewicht 153,4 kg
Kurzschlussstrom 9589 A
Innenwiderstand 0,22 mOhm
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